Residential Trash Service

Need weekly residential trash service?  We offer standard (1 polycart) and extended (2 polycarts) service.  Call us today to have or more trash containers delivered to your home and we’ll empty it every week. Note: you may use your own container – the price is the same.

Current customers:

  • Please have trash containers out by 7:00am
  • Please bag all loose trash and keep the container clean and free of pests!
  • Note: items not allowed include rocks, bricks, concrete, manure, batteries, tires, oil or paint

Polycart cleaning tips:

  • Spray your polycart with a mixture of dish soap and water
  • Let it soak for 15 minutes or longer, if needed
  • Scrub thoroughly
  • Use bleach if needed
  • Spray for pests under lip, handle and bottom of container

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