Frequently Asked Questions


We pick up RECYCLING on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. We only pick up Recycling in selected areas. Acceptable items are Plastic i.e. milk jugs, water bottles, cardboard/boxes, Aluminum and Newspaper.

What are hours of operation?

We leave the yard by 7:00 on service days. You need to make sure you have your trash out by then on your service day. Our office staff works from 8am-4pm, Monday-Thursday.

How is billing done?

We bill on the 20th of each month for the following month’s service. Payment is always due by the 10th of the service month. Late fees are assessed on the 15th of month and services are suspended if we do not receive payment by the 25th of the month. We ask that you allow 4 days for mailing payments and 24 hours for credit card processing.

Can I pay over the phone?

Yes we can accept all types of payments.

Is there any waste that you will not dispose of?

We will not dispose of tires, batteries, oil or paint.

Do you take large items?

For large items that require pick-up please schedule an Extra Pickup. Please use our online form to schedule the extra-pickup or call for an estimate.

Can I put yard waste out with my regular trash?

Because of the excessive weight of most yard waste, we incur significantly increased disposal fees when accepting this type of waste. Our monthly rates do not cover these increased costs. We will, however, accept certain types and amounts of yard waste if you call first to let us know what you would like to set out and allow us to quote the additional estimated costs we would need to charge.

Does all trash need to be bagged?

We ask that all food and wet garbage be bagged. However because we do not manually lift your trash out of the waste toter, you may throw loose trash in it. We do recommend bagging all of the trash in order to maintain a clean, odor-free waste toter and to make sure all of the waste gets emptied out each week.

How much is a second polycart?

We offer a second poly cart as extended service. Please see our Residential Service Page to see pricing and to order additional service.

What holidays will affect my trash pickup day?

Christmas is the only holiday we don’t pick up trash or recycling. All routes will run one day late. 

Do you have roll-off containers?

We offer roll-off containers. Please see our roll-off sign-up page for pricing and sign-up options.

I didn’t get my trash out on time. Can you come back?

Unfortunately, time does not allow us to make return trips. If we’re still in the neighborhood, we will try but cannot guarantee it.

Can I bring my payment to you?

We have supplied an easy to use form that you can use to send us your credit/debit card info that is required to be used for payment, but if the need arises that you want to deliver a payment please contact us.

Will my trash get picked up if there is bad weather?

During certain weather, it is possible the trash may not get picked up on time. If this happens, just leave the trash out and it will be picked up as soon as we can get there. If you take it back in or don’t set it out because of the weather, it may get missed that week because we would not be able to make a return trip to get it.

Every once in a while there is a road (especially with freezing rain) that we just cannot go down. We have had to delay pickup for the week in certain instances but this is not common. We do apologize in advance if this happens. We’ll always make every effort to pick up everybody’s trash but we must think of driving safety before anything else.

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